What is Cinemattic?

As someone who watches a lot of movies and TV shows, I like to discuss my opinion with others. Obviously, in a time where watching stuff has never been easier, you seldom watch the same things as your friends. That is why I have become an active member of the German film community Moviepilot where you rate and comment on films. However, as a student of the English language, I like writing and a blog would have a few benefits. I keep practicing writing in English and I can also elaborate more on specific things, especially in spoiler teritory, which makes talking about TV shows and particular episodes immensely more comfortable.
As I am from Germany and will remain a member of moviepilot.de, I will “recycle” my German comments from there on this site, in case one of my non-English-speaking friends is interested in checking out this site.

To explain this amazing pun which is the title of this blog, my name is Matthias and I talk about cinematic entertainment, hence Cinemattic.

Any correction concerning grammatical, lexical or orthographical mistakes are very welcome! The texts definitely aren’t perfect as I don’t compile them in advance nor do I go through several editing stages to optimize them. I prefer to talk about more stuff and not have perfect texts.
Lastly, two shout-outs to friends who encouraged my plans to build this site: You can find one (I believe he likes to remain anonymous) here, a similar blog with way more elaborate language. The other one, Philip, designed the logo on the homepage, so thanks for that.


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