Evil Dead II (1987) – exactly like part I, just a lot more absurd

Continuing right where we left off with the original, Ash as the sole survivor becomes briefly possessed and has to fight off his the headless body of his girlfriend, who he had to decapitate, as well as his possessed self. At dawn, he becomes normal again and some new unknowing characters arrive at the cabin, making the viewer develop empathy with Ash, who’s stuck in this crappy situation twice as long as the rest. Among them is the daughter of the professor, who recorded the tape, giving us some more Necronomicon action.

One has to say the movie is almost a complete remake save for the fact that everything is more absurd and more exaggerated, making it more of a horror comedy than a scary movie. Therefore, the horror feeling gets lost a bit but the films gains a layer of humor, which works well with the bizarre situation. There are two very iconic moments, the infamous fight against his own chopped hand and “Groovy”.

Copyright: DEG/Renaissance Pictures

The former is so ludicrous that you realize the movie isn’t taking itself seriously. The similarity to the original also has its downside as some moments felt too familiar and caused the movie to feel slightly lengthy despite its short runtime.

Less disgusting and scary and definitely funny, the sequel is as much as a classic as the original and due to the humor and the significantly higher budget definitely still worth watching.


shorter German version:

Evil Dead 2 schließt unmittelbar an Teil 1 ran und ist fast ein reines Remake, bis auf die Tatsache, dass alles eine Nummer absurder und übertriebener wird. Der Film hat einige ikonische Momente, “Groovy” oder der berühmte Kampf gegen seine eigene Hand. Gerade letzterer ist so skurril, dass das reine Horrorgefühl etwas verloren geht. Der Ekelfaktor wurde auch etwas heruntergeschraubt und durch die neu eingeführten unwissenden Figuren bekommt man irgendwann Mitleid mit Ash, der schon doppelt so lang in dieser beschissenen Situation steckt. Der Humor funktioniert super. Leider waren mir einige Momente zu ähnlich zu Teil 1, deswegen wirkt er trotz geringer Laufzeit etwas länglich. Wie auch Teil 1 ein Genreklassiker und heute immer noch sehenswert.

Images taken from imdb.com , © by DEG/Renaissance Pictures


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