The Painting (Suits 6×12)

In a flashback we learn why Harvey hates his mother that much:

After appropriately hating his mom for cheating on his dad AND asking him not to tell his dad, they met each other at his funeral. His brother Marcus let her say a few words which were very touching (Harvey never would have let it happen) and they talk to each other afterwards. They were on the cusp of making up when her partner Bobby comes to both of them and Harvey accuses her mother of spitting on his father’s grave by bringing Booby to his funeral.

Although Harvey accepted Donna’s proposition, he hesitates and can’t quite get over his reservations. Donna (who else?) gives Harvey the necessary insight into his own feelings to get him to leave. He flies to Boston and talks to his brother. It’s nice to see Harvey enjoy bringing Marcus’s kids to bed (and also to see him be surprised to feel that way). The dinner starts off well and after he declares he forgives her, his mother also forgives him for being gone all the time, which Harvey thinks she has no right to do. At first, I thought Harvey’s reaction is understandable but the longer the episode went on, the more we learned about what Harvey misses of his family. He didn’t know Marcus was sick and that his mom and Bobby helped out with the kids. He forgives her, telling her he hates what she did and will continue to do so but he doesn’t hate her. Emotionally, all these scenes work very well, not least because Gabriel Macht shows some of his finest acting here. When he says he’s sick of being angry, I felt like the viewer by now may have also been slightly sick of him being angry all the time. So this reconciliation and his subsequent apology to and conversation with Louis show Harvey more mature than he has been recently and maybe now fit to step into Jessica’s shoes. However, due to his recent behavior, he admits to Louis he is not fit either to be managing partner and therefore they become interim co-managing partners. He also thanks him for helping out with his client in Harvey’s absence. This was a nice conciliatory scene which radiates some hope for the firm. I hope that Louis’s character arc over the past seasons toward a less egotistical, more mature man, despite repeated missteps, will continue and that it will not be him who brings more chaos in the firm.

Meanwhile, Mike got a job as a supervisor in a legal clinic for the guy is glad to have such an experienced man for such a low salary (and gives Mike a second chance for being honest in the application form). He meets Marissa, who is a younger version of himself, with the same deep care about her clients, the same idealism and naïveté as Mike when he started. After being rejected by her because she thinks he has been spoilt in the world of corporate law and does not care about the little man, he reveals his past to the team and will from now on be respected. They might not have been able to solve the case successfully this time but Mike prevents the eviction by providing the missing money from his own pocket.

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While it’s nice to see Mike do some concrete good in the world, the cases in the clinic need to step up their game, it will be boring otherwise and somehow not very credible that Mike can’t cope with such trivial stuff. I look forward to giving his team valuable advice from his own experience but I still do not believe this will go on for several seasons.

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