Rock in the Road (The Walking Dead, 7×09)

The mid-season premiere begins with a cold open:

Father Gabriel leaves with all canned food and supplies and gas during his night shift. Having seen the end of the episode and remembering the mysterious guy with the two boots watching Gabriel from afar, one might assume Gabriel is in with this new group (frankly I didn’t even notice someone sitting in the car with him). Pretty clever when you think about it: They don’t have to tribute to the Saviors and honestly don’t know anything about it. [They could even blame Negan for killing off the person keeping the inventory *irony off*] Obviously, this might get Alexandria into trouble but if they do form an alliance with the new group, they will annihilate the Saviors.

After Gregory still is the most douchy person ever on TV, Jesus proposes our reunited group goes off to recruit the people from the Kingdom. Boy, did I want to see Rick’s incredulous eyes when seeing all this fuss going on around Ezekiel. The arrival of Richard was a very funny scene: “Who dares to trespass, oh shit, it’s you, Jesus.” That was a nice subversion of expectations. Zeke isn’t overly pleased about Rick’s proposal but Richard and also Morgan and Ezekiel’s padawan Benjamin are pro fight. Morgan still is hesitant about killing (he still functions as the moral counterpart) even after being sorry to hear about Abraham and Glenn (he also keeps his word to Carol and doesn’t tell the group where she is). Rick leaves Daryl in the Kingdom for his safety (Simon threatens later them if Daryl were ever to appear in Alexandria again) and also to persuade Ezekiel. (Obviously, Daryl will track Carol and hopefully bring her back to the group)

What is up with Rosita? First she snaps at Sasha but later saves the day with her spontaneous ex-machina bomb-defusing skills. I realized we don’t know all that much about her and I wonder if we are going to. The scene on the motorway was a lot of fun: First, there was the entertaining announcement by Negan over the walkie-talkie Jesus stole from the Saviors’ compound, eulogizing Fat Joey. What came after that was one of the most intense scenes of TWD in quite some time. At the roadblock, the group disarms an explosive trap and barely manages to handle the incoming walker herd. Now they have explosives and have cut dozens of walkers in half with the steel wire, which was pretty fun to watch.

All in all, the mid-season premiere was a pretty entertaining episode with a nice pacing and an over-average quantity of humor.

Will Tara break her vow to the Oceanside community as we might need their assload of guns. Moreover, the Saviors will obviously notice the walker corpses cut in half and might suspect something. The show is upping the ante and I’m a little scared of the big confrontation/battle unless the show cops out again and only kills off secondary characters.

Title Image: © by AMC (Photographer: Gene Page), taken from their website


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