Teeth, Nose, Teeth (Suits 6×13)

The big news of the episode isn’t all that big as it confirms what everyone expected. Dream team Mike and Harvey are back together and they have a shady deal going on that will totally go south.

The episode begins with Rachel receiving a letter from the bar denying her an interview. Louis tells her he’ll take care of it and in a surprising moment of reason relays this task to Harvey as he’s better at that stuff. Harvey finds out the lawyer wants to blackmail him to do him an illegal favor. After Harvey finds out with Louis’s help (who is better at financial stuff) what this guy is up to, he changes the conditions and works out a deal for Mike to get into the bar if they help that guy. Mike obviously doesn’t want any more trouble and rejects Harvey, even after he apologized for lashing out in She’s Gone and Harvey accepted to host Mike and Rachel’s wedding at his apartment.

Due to a medical emergency, the tenant Mike gave the cheque to couldn’t hand it in and is now being evicted. Mike and his team countersue and he wants to give Oliver a chance. However, the attorney offers a pretty good deal, which Mike can’t convince his client of for she wants to see justice done. He takes away the case from Oliver, who failed horribly in court in the last episode, and gives it to Marissa, who can’t take it because of her sick dad. So Mike tries to rebuild Oliver’s trust and prepares him for the case but he bombs the thing. Mike can’t accept having to watch Oliver lose the case without being able to interfere and in the final moment of the episode, he accepts Harvey’s offer. It will be interesting how this thing will totally go wrong and have yet some more dire consequences for Mike, Harvey and the firm.


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Then there was the totally weird C-plot about “The Donna”, a device the firm’s tech guy, Benjamin, created. He recorded Donna’s clever lines and the AI learned to use them appropriately. Donna is clearly flattered and likes the thing, even if it lacks her empathy which truly makes Donna Donna. I seriously wonder where that is going as this has just been ridiculous and does not fit with the show’s usual moments of levity.

Louis also has a serious talk with Harvey as a friend and asks him for advice about Joshua, the biological father of Tara’s child, with whom Louis will try to establish a friendly relationship. When he fails to show up at an examination, Louis makes a scene and freaks Tara out a bit. However, he very sweetly apologizes to her by getting to know each other better. I love what the writers are doing with Louis in the back half of the season so far. I don’t quite get the title but I assume it is about overcoming what others reduce you to, but that only holds true for Louis and maybe even Donna.

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