Admission of Guilt (Suits 6×14)

Wow, this was an incredibly full episode; so much happened. The momentum in the case went back and forth.

Copyright: USA Network

Let’s start with the side stories: Louis needs Harvey to accompany him to a meeting with a big client. Harvey agrees but has to cancel because he has to help out Mike. Louis understands and, following Donna’s advice, recruits Katrina and Rachel to impress the client. They do but she is upset that Harvey didn’t come and fires Pearson Specter Litt. Louis doesn’t take this well but has another sweet moment with Tara instead of lashing out at someone. Rick Hoffman and the writer don’t cease to impress me in this run of episodes.

Copyright: USA Network

It was very fun to see Katrina and Rachel work together as they both respect each other. Katrina thanks Rachel for getting her a  job at her father’s firm and tells her how great it is to work with him and how much he respects his daughter. The show has been hinting at Rachel considering leaving the firm for a while and I begin to think it is actually gonna happen; she might be in the bar now but this trick Harvey and Mike are pulling at the moment will take its toll. I also hope Mike will have an encounter with Katrina soon as the two of them always had an amazing chemistry with their Wire reference. On the other hand, she now doesn’t need to be afraid of letting her father down by rejecting his offer.

The Donna is massively improved by Benjamin but obviously still doesn’t equal Donna. Where will this go? I sincerely hope the writers will not use this thing to save the day.

As they need something solid to make a case against Velocity and they need to run it through the clinic to not attract any suspicion, Mike asks Oliver for help, who turns out to be amazing at research. Mike approaches victims of Velocity and gets them to break their NDAs. However, the CEO is not impressed and threatens to bury the clinic in paperwork if they follow through. Mike improvizes and lets drop that PSL is counseling them. Harvey doesn’t like this but obviously helps out Mike. Together with their new associates, they draft all the documents. Nathan gave Mike shit for not involving him in his decision processes and suspects he has ulterior motives. Mikes manages to convince him he doesn’t intend to return to PSL and also Oliver, who by now has developed a very nice bond to Mike (trolling in Harvey’s office, sincere conversations, pep talks), initially believes Mike. However, as Velocity’s CEO tries to settle with Harvey, which is usually Harvey’s M.O., and fails because Harvey also insists on the admission of guilt. He has already seen through Harvey’s façade. Harvey confronts the shady lawyer from the bar committee and forces him to follow through on their deal without Harvey delivering as he now has legal leverage against him. Will Mike and Harvey get screwed by that guy somehow anyway or is that it?

This came at a very high price as Mike lost Oliver’s respect as he knew Mike isn’t telling the truth. This hits him hard as Oliver was the reason to accept Harvey’s offer in the first place and his integrity maybe reminds him of a younger version of himself. In the EW recap, I read a nice sentence: “I don’t think Mike expected he’d be the one admitting his guilt in tonight’s episode.” Mike’s inner struggles keep changing his mind and I wouldn’t be surprised if Harvey and Mike will once again be separated.

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