The Other Side (The Walking Dead, 7×14)

A pretty solid and engaging episode because we got some interesting character work on different fronts.

The Wolverine (2013) – Another lame Wolverine solo film

I don’t think Wolverine is such an interesting character to deserve three solo films and he isn’t really fleshed out in this one. All we learn are his struggles with his immortality and him being haunted by Jean Grey. Otherwise, he is still grumpy all the time and still has the good heart to help … Continue reading The Wolverine (2013) – Another lame Wolverine solo film

Trailer Roundup January & February 2017

    I'm still not totally stoked about the movie but I guess it will be fun. I hope they don't exaggerate the Baby Groot humor and I'm pretty excited about Yandu returning as well as Kurt Russell and Sly Stallone starring in it. The question will be whether James Gunn will have more freedom … Continue reading Trailer Roundup January & February 2017