Trailer Roundup January & February 2017



I’m still not totally stoked about the movie but I guess it will be fun. I hope they don’t exaggerate the Baby Groot humor and I’m pretty excited about Yandu returning as well as Kurt Russell and Sly Stallone starring in it. The question will be whether James Gunn will have more freedom as Marvel trusts him now or less because they don’t want to risk its success.

Very atmospheric trailer that leaves me excited. I’m not the biggest alien fan, however, I really liked the silence on that earth-like planet and the xenomorph attack. Katherine Waterston, who has done a fine job on Fantastic Beasts certainly evokes Ripley vibes, which is a good thing, I believe.

This looks pretty lame. The Comic Con trailer already sucked, Guy Ritchie just cannot return to his quality of Snatch or Lock,Stock.

I’m not digging Terence Malick films but this somehow looks more interesting to me. With its amazing cast (Fassbender, Gosling, Mara, Portman), this could be a story that is more accessible than whatever Tree of Life was intended to be.

I’m not sure I’ve seen the Disney original and I’m not the biggest fan of live-action remakes of all Disney movies but I have to admit this somehow looks fun and the involvement of everybody’s darling Emma Watson might sway me towards watching sooner or later.

This truly looks horrible. If the parallel motion of Anne Hathaway’s character and that monster is supposed to be funny, this doesn’t work at all for me. I predict this will bomb at the box office – hard. Also not digging the look of Anne Hathaway.

This looks like a 127 Hours or Buried kind of movie, only that there might be more interaction in this movie. Depending on Armie Hammer’s performance and the sense of tension that is created, this might actually be worth a peek.

Another escalating party movie focusing on 30 to 40-year-olds, which looks more fun than Bad Moms, albeit similarly harmless. However, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and the actor who played Permento on Brooklyn 99 make it look promising.

This is actually one of my highlights. It has a truly refreshing look and feel, the synthie soundtrack sounds good. I like well-thought out postapocalyptic worlds and the involvement of Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves and director Ana Lily Amirpour is just a bonus.

Feels like a ripoff of The Fault in our Stars or Me before You. The premise is nothing we haven’t seen before and I don’t really feel any chemistry or emotionality in the trailer. No need to watch that.

Probably one of the most anticipated films of the year. The trailer looks amazing with its unique and creepy imagery and its intense atmosphere. Scarlett Johansson seems to be a terrific job. Live action remakes of animes, particularly of one of the most celebrated ones, aren’t easy to do but I’m hopeful this will turn out good.

Another spy movie about an imminent terrorist attack in Europe. I get that it’s a very current topic but the movies about it feel kinda old, man.

OMG, this might be the most horrendous trailer I’ve seen in quite some time. The fact that it stars Jada Pinkett-Smith is already a no-no for me as she singlehandedly destroyed Gotham Season 1. This is “one of the adults go partying and it escalates”-movies and probably one of the worst ones. It seems so tame and unfunny. I’m just writing this so you don’t have to watch that trailer.

Another highlight! I loved the book by Dave Eggers and this is one of my 5 most anticipated movies of the year. With its superb cast (Watson, Hanks, Boyega) and seamless implementation of virtual UIs, I’ll be one of the first to once again be shocked how easily omnipresent surveillance through social media can become commonplace. With its Orwellian spirit, I hope this will be a box office hit as well so that many people see this warning.

Elle Fanning is an absolute workaholic. She’s putting out multiple films per year and although I have few of them, I believe she has a pretty good track record. This certainly looks creepy and might be gripping but might also end up horrible.

I feared this was coming. After the very successful and surprisingly creative Lego Movie, they will be putting out all of their lego stuff and I do not really care about all this stuff. This looks rather average, with pretty hit-or-miss humor.

Arnie, as much as I like you and your action flicks, you just don’t have the acting chops to carry such a movie. Meh.

This one also looks rather terrible. I’m still not sure if I like Amy Schumer but I think rather not, even though I was positively surprised by Trainwreck

Somehow, this movie doesn’t hook me in the slightest. Gyllenhaal does not suffice to sway me, I don’t really like Reynolds. It might be fun due to the confinement and that living thing spreading over the spaceship but I’m very hesitant on that one.

This looks like an alright adventure movie. I’m interested to see Tom Holland in another role than Spidey.

Rather conventional period piece/oscar bait. While it is important to give the neglected attention to such women whose role in history hasn’t been made public, I’m just tired at the moment of such films.

This could be interesting. A pretty serious film directed by James Franco, based on a John Steinbeck book. Interested to see Nat Wolff in a dramatic role after Paper Towns, don’t care about Selena Gomez. I’ll be waiting for the reviews.

I hope this will be good. Battle Royale in an office building. Sounds fun to me. Especially with Michael Rooker and Dr. Cox.

Man, this is heavy stuff with a pretty good cast. Not sure if I’m gonna like this.

Not sure I need this sequel but the trailer looks pretty damn good. Interested to see how the characters and their lives developed.

Everybody was raving about this trailer and it indeed is very different and unique. We may finally get a good Wolverine movie (critics seem to confirm that) but I still do not care all that much about that character. I like the brutality, which this guy just needs.

This is doomed to fail. The franchise is always laughed at on the Internet and this trailer doesn’t evoke coolness either. Fans will be especially disappointed.

Hm, not sure about that one. Time loop movies are difficult as there aren’t that many options to have the plot go to. I like Zoeey Deutch, however, so I’ll keep an eye out for reviews. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a horror time loop movie, so that’s a plus.

James Franco wants to taken seriously so much. A biopic about a gay man possibly “becoming” straight, possibly induced by religion. Looks rather boring to me, even if the story could be worth telling.

This actually already came out and got horrible reviews because car action movies seldom work. Also, Felicitiy Jones’s blond hair, not sure about that.

Doesn’t quite look like a continuation of the McConaissance. Story also sounds pretty average.

This looks cringeworthy and not in a good way. Oh, Woody, I’ll skip that one.

J.K. Simmons, are you serious? You’re better than this. I hate Father-in-Law vs. Guy comedies, never that funny to me.

This actually looks pretty hilarious to me. At first, I was a bit skeptical but I believe they have the same self-referentiality as 21 and 22 Jump Street, which would be great. Also, the dynamic between Efron and The Rock looks funny, the scene with Efron’s balls is so silly it’s funny again. Love the over-the-top action. Also, Alexandra Daddario is in it and the Baywatch-obligatory double D is in her name.

Since Comic Con, I cannot wait to see this. This spectrum of colors, how the sheer size of King Kong is established, the strong cast (I’m particularly interested in Brie Larson in her first blockbuster). Everything looks awesome about this.

I’m pretty stoked about this nice Martial-Arts-action. The character seems rather bland and I don’t usually like this mystic stuff in my superhero movies but I trust in Marvel and Netflix to entertain me. Also, I can’t wait for the Defenders to unite, probably initiated by Claire, who will also appear in Iron Fist.







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