The Wolverine (2013) – Another lame Wolverine solo film

I don’t think Wolverine is such an interesting character to deserve three solo films

and he isn’t really fleshed out in this one. All we learn are his struggles with his immortality and him being haunted by Jean Grey. Otherwise, he is still grumpy all the time and still has the good heart to help people in need. The few character scenes are scattered throughout the very uninspired and boring plot. He is being summoned to Tokio by a former acquaintance whose life he saved in Nagasaki. It turns out he wants Wolverine’s powers as he is dying. Wolverine doesn’t want to burden him with that but it is secretly tapped by the movie’s very bland villain, Viper. So Wolverine slowly is ripped of his powers and fights non-mutants while being vulnerable, which is somehow refreshing even though not legitimizing the runtime. They didn’t even do much with Japan as a setting apart from a few locations and ninjas (which were rather lame). The fight sequence on the bullet train was the only memorable thing about the movie and was actually quite entertaining. The plot is simultaneously loaded and irrelevant and as so often, the villains aren’t intriguing in the slightest, neither menacing nor charismatic. In addition to the not totally relatable character motivations, the romance wasn’t believable at all. The climax was uninspired with a boring (which is due to Wolverine’s very limited fighting style) fight with unnecessary epic scale (stray observation: all the action did have no impact on the civil population of Japan. Other movies have been criticized for this collateral damage and Wolverine freaking slices through a bullet train and no one cares). The post-credit scene leading up to Days of Future Past was among the most interesting things and this says a lot about the movie. Could have totally skipped this, Wolverine still isn’t interesting to me because I don’t understand him better than before. To me, that’s the worst X-men movie because the horrible Origins has this weird sensation of watching an accident due to them butchering Deadpool and Gambit. It is also one of the worst and uninspired superhero movies since the craze began with Iron Man even though it still beats turds like Daredevil or Elektra.


German version

Wolverine war für mich noch nie ein besonders interessanter Charakter und ich finde, für einen Solofilm wird er hier auch nicht wirklich tiefgründig beleuchtet (ich bin sogar der Meinung, dass er keine 3 Solofilme braucht). Er hat mit seiner Unsterblichkeit zu kämpfen und mit der Schuld über die Ereignisse von X-Men-The Last Stand. Ansonsten ist er immer noch grimmig, aber hilft dann doch den Leuten in Not; er wandelt sich im Laufe des Films kaum bis gar nicht. Die Zugszene ist mit Abstand die beste Szene des Films, ansonsten fand ich alles ziemlich uninspiriert. Dafür dass sie mit Japan ein neues Setting haben, hätte man mehr daraus machen können, außer Ninjas und ein paar Locations gibts hier nicht viel Frisches. Dass Wolverine die Kräfte genommen werden und er verwundbar ist und gegen Nicht-Mutanten kämpft, ist das Einzige, was mal halbwegs interessant war, auch wenn das lange nicht gereicht hat, um mich durch die quälend langen 110 Minuten zu bringen. Die Handlung wirkt irgendwie überladen und unwichtig, die Romanze eher unglaubwürdig und auch die Bösewichte bleiben ziemlich blass. Die Post-Credit-Scene, die zu Days of Future Past führt, war fast schon das beste. Hätte ich mir auch sparen können.

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3 thoughts on “The Wolverine (2013) – Another lame Wolverine solo film

  1. I agree. You ‘d think that the girl would not hide in the village of her childhood when she’s hunted by yakuza! Also some scenes are badly cut. When he plants his chopsticks in his bowl of rice (big culture blunder btw) she tells him off and in the next scene the chopsticks are back in the rice.I thought it was so racist too there is not a single good Japanese man and women are obviously here for beauty only. Who wrote that?


      1. Yes but where is the fun when every villain is lousy? There was enough to build a great Japanese villain. For me who à Tokyo fan the arrival is the only part I liked. I thought the rest could have been shot in the 50s like some post war rant. Is that really the way the average american sees Asia?


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