Say Yes (The Walking Dead 7×12)

This felt more like a filler episode to me than the others but that’s a personal issue. I often read that character work to flesh out the Richonne coupling was due but I don’t care all too much about this couple. We see the two scavenging, especially for weapons, and in an ex machina revelation, they do find a whole lot of them.

Meanwhile, they have quite some private time together and Rick doesn’t particularly hurry to return to Alexandria. He clearly enjoys their time together and is afraid of what lies ahead. Then they find the carnival full of zombies and weapons (from a former military quarter) and crash through the roof to find even more food stored in that building. And then came a pretty cheap trick, which I don’t believe fooled any viewers. During their pretty perilous mission that they were very confident to complete unharmed, the writers decided to repeat the Glenn dumpster trick and pretended Rick was dead for twenty seconds.


twd 7x12b
Copyright: AMC (Photo: Gene Page)


While it was pretty effective to see Michonne flabbergasted and devastated by the thought of his death, Rick, if he ever will die, would be killed off in a season finale or maybe even the very last episode. The sequence on the carnival was kinda interesting because you feel Rick and Michonne are over-confident and take on a great number of walkers. The walker stuck in the car was pretty gross, the machine gun walker was ridiculous and the architecture of the place they had to fight in was something refreshing (even though none of this matched Zombieland’s hilarious carnival finale). On the way back, they discuss who takes the lead when Negan and the Saviors are done with. Rick doesn’t want the job. Only when Michonne persists he is the right man for the position does he agree to make decisions together with her.

Back at the trash gang, Rick unfortunately learns that the Scavengers have ridiculously high expectations and ridiculously bad negotiation skills, which results in the Alexandrians having to find even more guns. That pushes Tara over the edge after she has previously already contemplated telling on Oceanside (while talking to giant Baby Judith). I get her reasons for not breaking her vow but apparently she changed her mind at the end of the episode.

Which is a contrast to Rosita. She blames everyone for her own failure in shooting Negan, which already gets on everybody’s nerves. In addition, she insists on going out on her own (during which she meets a gross walker) and ends up asking Sasha to join her suicide squad. I’m afraid this will turn out horrible but next episode we will definitely see some Kingdom and Carol stuff and maybe even the contact with Oceanside? I’m wondering if there’s enough time for the final battle and the lead-up to it in the remaining four episodes of the season.

Images © by AMC (Photos: Gene Page), taken from their offical website


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