Bury Me Here (The Walking Dead 7×13)

This week had one emotional accent and apart from that wasn’t that thrilling an episode to me. The episode starts with Carol waking from a nightmare as she feels that what Daryl told her might not be the whole truth (otherwise Jesus wouldn’t have come to the Kingdom with so many people). She inquires to Morgan about that but he refuses to tell her.

Inspired by Daryl’s angry comment, Richard planned to die to induce a rage in Ezekiel intense enough to join Alexandria in fighting the Saviors. He sets up a blockade and secretly hides one cantaloupe from their delivery of 12 (why do they waste all this gas to deliver 12 freaking cantaloupes). As expected, Gavin, the Savior in charge of the collecting group, is not happy about that and the douche doesn’t shoot Richard but chooses to shoot Benjamin, and we later have to find out that it was a fatal shot. This induces Morgan’s psychological state we saw in Clear (4x); he loses his shit and avenges Benjamin, whom he clearly regarded as a son, by savagely killing Richard at the next offering. No one even attempts to stop Morgan, who has always acted reasonably, which felt a bit weird while watching. I also have to say that the reveal that Richard is to blame for Benjamin’s death wasn’t all that shocking but once again the Saviors don’t punish the perpetrator himself but someone from their team. Although Morgan seemed controlled and in the possession of his senses when he killed Richard, he was clearly in an unstable condition before that and also after that when we called Benjamin by the name of his son. Pushed over the edge and finally willing to annihilate the Saviors, he also tells Carol about all the people Negan has killed. This is reason enough for her to walk to the Kingdom right away and urge Ezekiel to go to war. The latter agrees but thinks the time hasn’t quite come yet. Morgan having to come to terms with the incompatibility of his attitude in this bleak, darwinistic world was interesting and I think he clearly took a hit that will accompany him for a while. I liked the “to injure someone is to injure yourself” metaphor as Morgan clearly suffers deeply emotional and psychological damage from his rage. I’m not quite sure whether he will die kicking ass or if he’ll break from this trauma.

Next episode, we’ll see the Saviors visiting the Hilltop and suspecting Daryl to be there. I’m looking forward to a very tense episode and I hope that Gregory will finally die 😀


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