The Other Side (The Walking Dead, 7×14)

The unexpected Savior visit at the Hilltop really caused some tension as there are two forbidden guests with Maggie and Daryl.

As Simon informed Gregory that they are going to take a certain person with them, I feared they were looking for either one of them. But as Negan incinerated his only doctor, he was only looking for Dr. Carson. His absence might result in some serious issues with Maggie’s pregnancy but that might sort itself out after the imminent battle. Meanwhile, Maggie and Daryl hide from the Saviors and Sasha and Rosita sneak out through a (very practical) secret tunnel. After Maggie stops Daryl from killing the Savior and unleashing mayhem onto the Hilltop, she confronts him about evading her the entire time he’s been there. In an emotional gut punch, Daryl breaks down because he (somehow understandably) feels guilty about Glenn’s death and sincerely apologizes to Maggie. Maggie, showing again what an awesome and strong character she is, consoles him (even though she is clearly shown to not have overcome the grief) and reassures him: “You’re one of the few good things in this world. I know it’s true because Glenn thought that and he was one of the good things.” It’s character bonding moments in hardship like this that I love TWD for.  After Daryl’s self-torture in captivity and his eagerness to fight the Saviors, I don’t believe Maggie fully dissuaded him of that idea but at least he knows they’re cool.

Another rather subtle cool emotional moment was the revelation that Jesus is gay. There wasn’t much fuss about it and how Jesus appears relieved when Maggie smiles at him was almost cute to watch.


twd 7x14b
Copyright: AMC (Photo: Gene Page)

Copyrighttwd 7x14b


Meanwhile, Simon (with his “expressive face”) talks to Gregory and everyone but Gregory clearly sees how Simon sees through Gregory’s façade and knows that he is the epitome of opportunism. However, he stills offers Gregory he can visit him at the Sanctuary when he has something to discuss. Gregory is clearly built up to betray our group and it can’t be long that he makes use to Simon’s offer.

On their mission, Rosita and Sasha start bonding after some initial quarrels. We finally learn something about Rosita’s back story. She learned a lot of useful stuff from guys she was around previously. She teaches Sasha some knots and they make up over Abraham having been happy. Rosita is happy that Abraham was happy and was acting bitchy because she was afraid of not having her shit together before Abraham did. During their stakeout, they listen to Eugene on the walkie-talkie, which was a hilarious line of dialogue with his not-at-all suspicious emphasis on being Negan. Sasha can’t get a clean shot with her sniper rifle so they have to sneak in. After their attempt to rescue Eugene fails due to the latter’s refusal to leave the safe place he’s at for their perilous plan. This seems to confirm those who didn’t believe Eugene was in for the long con with Negan. Before it becomes risky, Sasha locks Rosita out after cutting through the fence and believes Rosita’s time hasn’t come yet. Sasha’s apparently has as she has to shoot Star Trek: Discovery from now on. This sacrifice feels pretty weird and out of nowhere but I guess they made the most of the circumstances. Rosita is angry and disappointed as her apparent death wish hasn’t been fulfilled and flees the scene. Then she meets a man with a crossbow, of whom we can’t see more than his shape. The show suggests it’s Daryl because he asked Jesus where Rosita and Sasha went but why wouldn’t they show him then?

I’m wondering whether Sasha will have an off-screen death or if she will return. Moreover, it seems like the big confrontation will not take place until season 8 (unless we get a crazy-ass finale).

All images including title image © by AMC (Photo: Gene Page), taken from their website


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