I’m home (Attack on Titan #27)

Sasha arrives at her home village to find a titan gnawing at a woman, while her daughter is paralyzed from shock. She tries to kill the thing but fails and flees with the girl, who doesn’t understand that now someone helps her after the whole village abandoned them even though they knew her mother had bad legs (which was a very effective moment)

Sasha fighting off a titan to save that girl is emotionally powerful and pretty exciting because you never know in this show if characters survive something like that. The flashback was interesting as we learn Sasha didn’t give much of a damn about other people before her father taught her otherwise. After she saved the girl, she met her father and he is proud of her, which Sasha smilingly appreciates.

Meanwhile, Armin had an interesting thought: The walls could be made from impenetrable titan skin, which is why the titans don’t attack the walls, they only crushed the gate and that would explain the titans locked inside the wall.

Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and Hange have a priest in custody who seems to know more and they want to get him to talk by showing him the horrors in person. Somehow I feel this won’t turn out great.

Finally, we see Conny’s village where a giant titan is lying half on top, half inside Conny’s house and cannot move away. What does this mean? Is one of his family members able to transform (meaning Conny could be one too?) or is there a possibility to alter the titan’s body?

Title Image © by FUNimation, taken from IMDb


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