Trailer Roundup March 2017

The most interesting ones are at the very bottom even though I mixed boring and interesting trailers throughout this article.

This takes it a bit too far for my taste. The dragging out of the dressing up in the phone booth was quite funny but I feel I didn’t need to see Ryan Reynolds’s butt or Deadpool lying on a corpse. I’m uncertain where or not the sequel will succeed because they might try too hard to be edgy and funny.


I’m really digging the new art style. After the speakers have been introduced, I got really excited and this trailer left me amazed. I like that they distinguished Huey, Dewie und Louie a bit more, apart from their colors. I like the setup of Scrooge McDuck, the holding off of the theme song and that Donald is more involved than in the original series. 100% excited.


Looks rather boring. Who the hell still cares about Richard Gere? Might have some good performances but the topic looks like we’ve seen it a number of times


Not sure we need another one after the rather disappointing 4th one. I’m sure it will still be visually opulent. Javier Bardem is a good actor but looks kinda weird in this movie. I’m not yet digging this weird disfigured look where parts of the body seem to soar around. Johnny Depp will probably do his job alright even if the character is rather one-note and by now, I can’t imagine they can surprise with that, especially because I didn’t laugh once in the trailer, except for the last bit. The girl character (played by Kaya Scodelario, who plays Teresa in the Maze Runner series and is one of the better things in that) looks interesting, whereas the boy looks like a naive, tame young version of Will Turner (also starred in that awful YA film The Giver as well as mostly crap otherwise).


Another Netflix original movie. Nicholas Hoult in a war movie showing how shitty it is to be a soldier. I know awareness-raising is important and everything but haven’t I seen enough of those for a while? I feel Netflix is overdoing it with their original content


This will not earn any money. A historic costume drama in a relatively unexplored setting but it doesn’t look too thrilling. The cast is quite strong but I felt Oscar Isaac’s accent is all over the place.


This just looks amazing. Dom going rogue could be a very cool story, especially with Theron playing the villain, even though it is a bit ironic that two movies after we had Dom saying “This isn’t the real Letty” we get it vice versa. Ludacris yelling ‘Oh damn’ just sounds so black that I had to laugh. I like the car mayhem, I like they got Statham into the crew (even though this is becoming a trope) and I like the crazy looking sky-flying scene. I love The Rock kicking off the torpedo. The trailer music is very nice, I hope some of it will be in the movie. Probably most anticipated blockbuster of 2017 after Star Wars Episode 8 for me.


OMG, horrible. Michael Pena is so wasted in this movie, it is full of very basic male humor, the other actor doesn’t do it for my either. Stay away.


Michelle Rodriguez playing a former hitman transformed into a woman – how ironic, given that she is often said to have a tomboy-ish look. I don’t deny she has the acting chops to pull that off but the trailer looks like she’s just deepening her voice.


This is a trend that wore off after two movies but why waste such a talented cast on such a generic movie? It’s bland, of course they accidentally totally unrealistically kill someone while on drugs and try to avoid the police. I hope this R-rated adults’ night out trend stops soon.


I’ve no idea what this is about but Rami Malek looks like he’s pretty good in that one.


We get to see more of the origin stuff, which will probably be the first half of the movie. I’m positive Gal Gadot will do a great job, as her performance was one of the best aspects in Batman v Superman. The action looks more inspired than in other comic book movies and her musical theme still rocks. Looking forward to that one.


This is a Netflix movie that looks pretty good. Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller again, only this time he has a gambling problem. I like Keegan-Michael Peele, he always has the potential to make me laugh a lot. The story looks rather average but at least it doesn’t look like a typical gangster movie of this kind.


We all know Charlize Theron is a badass since her portrayal of Furiosa. This looks like Salt meets John Wick with some well-done (albeit very choreographed) fight scenes but I like dope badass women in movies so I will keep an eye out for this. The rest of the main cast is rather prominent, too, and the director, a stuntman, could pull this off, as he also co-directed John Wick, an action movie everyone seems to love and I “just” liked


Another Werner Herzog movie. Looks very cryptic, I don’t have the slightest clue what will happen here. Starring Michael Shannon (seriously, how much does this guy work?) and Veronica Ferres. I’ll probably skip that one.


ANOTHER Netflix movie. I can imagine only two reasons to watch that: Melissa Leo’s performance or hatred towards the religious zeal of middle-class America.


This looks interesting, especially since it’s coming from Edgar Wright. Not digging the main actor (dude from The Fault in Our Stars), not digging his name, not sure if I’m digging the idea with playing music, although I could imagine Wright will know how to use this in cool action scenes. Totally digging the rest of the cast: Spacey, Bernthal, Foxx, Penn and Lily James, who was one of the few bright spots in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Story could be interesting, depending on how well they write the main character and the gimmick. Hesitantly looking forward to that one. I liked the Michael Myers joke.


And yet another Netflix movie. The world looks unique but also very confusing. Also lost all trust in David Ayer after that turd Suicide Squad. Will Smith also isn’t a guarantee for a solid movie anymore. My interest will depend on how much I’m into the premise.


At first, I thought they ran out of ideas and this Dru idea is horrible. But I have enough trust in Illumination (and their desire to not wreck this golden cow of a franchise) to believe in the dynamic and it’s nice to see Gru back in heist action.


The latest Pixar movie but seems a little uninspired as the Dia de Los Muertos thing has been turned into an animated movie 2 or 3 years ago (The Book of Life). Visually the second half of the trailer looks amazing but I’m not convinced by the first half with the guitar stuff. I remain a bit skeptical even though Pixar hasn’t exactly given me reason to.


I like Kate Mara. Unfortunately, her selection of roles is quite hit-or-miss. But I have to admit that, although this looks uncomfortably cheesy, it looks infinitely better than Max, the other dog in war movie from the past few years.


Wow, this is a true surprise. Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, Amazing Spider-Man 1&2) is able to direct emotional moments very well and Jacob Tremblay (Room) just confirms he has the chops to become a very big actor. Although I hope he won’t be typecast as the surprisingly smart kid, I feel this role is the next big step in his career. He has a wonderful dynamic with Naomi Watts. I also like the creepy bad stepfather trope, especially when it’s Dean Norris playing the baddie. Very excited for that one.


Another HBO movie that is not exactly mainstream material. This looks like a weird conflict that I don’t care about. Is likely to get an Emmy nomination and due to Oprah’s involvement as main actress will get its viewers. Just not me.


Kinda a mixture of The Boy and Me Before You (w/o the romantic stuff). Emilia Clarke is a very strong reason to watch this movie at some point in time, even though it looks neither inspired nor too frightening.


Not a single aspect of this trailer spoke to me. Looks like a schmaltzy period piece that I will never want to watch.


This looks amazingly intense. What has Jonathan Rhys Meyers been up to? He returns and delivers as if he’s never been gone. He plays a psychopath, way worse than his role in Match Point and nicely interacts with Banderas. Looking forward to that one.


Looks better than the fourth one. I liked the first Transformers movie but the series continually declined in quality for me. You still get your Bayhem but this one could have an interesting angle with the kids (which seems to be a trend since Stranger Things, even though with this movie, the timing doesn’t make sense so the idea is likely to have been developed before the crazy Stranger Things success). I like the girl but she comes across very precocious in the trailer, which would be the worst thing to happen with child characters.


This is an HBO movie that looks way more interesting than the other above mentioned one. Robert de Niro continues to take turns with an interesting movie and a cash grab movie.


Wow, Sean Penn doesn’t choose to direct easy feel-good movies. Charlize Theron apparently doesn’t need breaks, this is her third movie in 2017. Story looks like heavy, “important” stuff; might end up in awards race.


I’m genuinely excited for this. It looks pretty funny, I like the soundtrack and the hinted at story. There will also be some eye candy and the cast definitely has some comedic talent. Definitely the most interesting comedy of the year.


Psychological costume drama. No thanks. Not a fan of Rachel Weisz’s. Sam Claflin and Jorah Mormont don’t tip the balance.


This actually looks kinda funny. I like the combination of the What’s with Andy vibe with the crazy teacher from The Fairly Oddparents. I always like Kevin Hart’s animation voicing work. Mildly excited about that.


The Netflix attempt of a live-action adaptation of an anime movie. This teaser is getting destroyed on the Internet and I’m not convinced either. I haven’t watched the anime, the premise of which still is brilliant, but somehow it didn’t strike as visually or thematically interesting.


Looks like a rather generic biopic but I’m a bit interested in Churchill’s story. I might have wished for an even bigger actor although Brian Cox seems to do a good job.


I have not seen the TV movie from 91. However, I think this truly has the potential to be scary as fuck. The clown looks pretty creepy, the house looks terrifying, as was the projector scene. I like how it builds up suspense with the balloon and the kid in the basement. I have read worries that some wonder how this creepy clown will be able to lure children into his arms, which already is a creepy thought in itself, and I am confident that they found a believable way. The little Stranger Things/Goonies vibe with the children nicely contrasts the horror. The trailer broke the record for most clicks in 24 hours and I think it deserves the hype. Definitely looking forward to that.


Another Werner Herzog movie. Not my cup of tea. Cast looks good but story doesn’t quite hook me. Looks way better than Salt and Fire, though.


Looks very weird but not uninteresting. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck are promising leads but I feel the explanation behind the ghost will either be explained too cryptically or will be too absurd for my taste.


Visually, this thing looks crazily inventive. I like the two leads (even if Delevigne totally sucked in Suicide Squad). The setting looks very interesting but I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan and not at all a fan of The Fifth Element. As Luc Besson also directs this, I’m cautiously interested.


This looks better than I thought. I didn’t recognize Teresa Palmer, whom I liked a lot in Lights Out. Max Riemelt plays a sick bastard, not unlike many we’ve seen before but somehow this still looks very disturbing and gripping.


Netflix wasn’t joking when they announced they want half their output to be original material. Brad Pitt seems kinda dumb in this movie, which might be a fresh take on war movies. But I don’t see anything else that piques my interest. Tilda Swinton might steal the show in her scenes but I hate to see Ben Kingsley in this, this guy is a total sellout and has produced continually more horrible crap and I never liked him in the first place. Probably no, thanks.


Love it. The series has been consistently strong since the reboot and this one looks like it continues the trend. The performance capture technology never ceases to improve so this time it will look even more realistic, and that is a statement. I like Caesar’s character (and Andy Serkis’s outstanding performance) and leadership and it will be interesting to see how he will react to preemptive human attacks and betrayal from one of his own. His sense of loyalty is distinct so we will see a serious battle, asking interesting questions about ethics and identity, I suspect. The “Apes Together Strong” chant already gave me the chills. Perhaps my most anticipated blockbuster of the summer months.


Not sure if I’m into it. I liked Britt Robertson in one of the worst TV shows ever, Under The Dome, and I like some of the supporting cast (The Dean (Jim Rash) from Community, Dean Norris, who funnily also starred in UTD). Also, by the writers of Pitch Perfect and executive produced by Charlize Theron, who tends to have a knack for selecting mostly good material, doesn’t sound too bad. But the main conflict feels totally constructed and not very authentic. I’m also not into the humor yet. If reviews are raving about this, I’ll have a look, otherwise, it will land in the abyss of “Maybe I’ll watch that when I have time” (i.e. it will never happen).


This trailer doesn’t do the same as the unexpectedly great trailer for the first movie but this cosmic side of the MCU still is pretty unexplored and therefore exciting. I’m afraid they will overdo the cutesy Baby Groot moments but apart from that, I’m in. Yandu will have some side adventure with Rocket, Kurt Russell will appear as Starlord’s dad. It looks even more freaky than the first one.


This Beast Titan looks enormous and will probably cause some damage. Also: Titans have been protecting us from other Titans. WTF? Shingeki no Kyojin steps us its game for season 2 and we’ve waited long enough.


This already has some hype going but it doesn’t look appealing to me at all. Religious fanatics are always an uncomfortable topic area and related to that, there’s subjugated women. Nope, don’t need a downer like that.


Looks very psychedelic and horribly violent but it is very intriguing due to its unique vibe. I have no idea what it’s about, but I hope it’s a valid enough reason to kill off Lincoln from The 100 so that the actor can star in here. It’s also based on a Neil Gaiman novel so that’s worth something, I guess.


This looks like an interesting and fresh idea with some VR sci-fi stuff. The involvement of Patton Oswalt, Joel McHale and apparently Mark Hamill definitely aroused my interest.


Honorable mentions: There were new trailers for some new seasons of shows I haven’t watched (yet): Fargo S3, iZombie S3, The Get Down S1b, among others.


It doesn’t tell us much but it drops some hints about season 7. Daenerys finally arrived in Westeros and takes a seat on her throne on Dragonstone, Stannis’s former castle and the Targaryen’s true birthplace. She’s ready to conquer Westeros on the right of Aegon’s conquest several centuries ago. Jon Snow takes the lead for the North and looks full of sorrow as always. Cersei Lannister sits on the Iron Throne angrily, after all the shit she’s been through. Her three children have died and the last thing to fulfill Maggie the Frog’s prophecy is her death at the hand of the valonqar (very excited about that, I won’t go into more detail to not spoil anyone). Her cold breath suggests Winter has arrived in Westeros and mayhaps even in warm King’s Landing. It sets up the major and only true enemy, the White Walkers, with their dead army (the blue eyes in the teaser looking like they could belong to Wun Wun, the giant). I’m sure Jon will remind the others about the imminent peril.

There are some theories that those 3 are the heads of the dragon who must team up to fight the true enemy, the White Walkers.

Anyhow, they all have come the titular long way to be ready to fight the strongest and most dangerous enemy. Can’t wait till July.


So Batman’s vision in BvS was in fact a vision: Parademons will attack Earth. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince have to assemble the other metahumans: Barry “Flash” Allen, who I’m very much looking forward to as the CG effects and the actor’s comedic delivery look good; Ray Fisher/The Cyborg, who looks weird and doesn’t have any interesting moments in the trailer; and Arthur Curry, the Aquaman, who is just portrayed as the biggest badass on the team. Jason Momoa does a great job and Snyder uses him in some dope action sequences to work against the common opinion that Aquaman is the lamest DC hero. Many wondered where Superman was but I think due to his resurrection he turned evil (similar to the story in the Injustice video game [and probably the Steppenwolf comics as well??]). But who is the seventh member of the League as the promo said “Unite the Seven”. I hope it isn’t Green Lantern, although that is the logical choice, because I don’t think we should introduce yet another main character. I’m still digging Gal Gadot’s take on Wonder Woman. We only get a brief glimpse at J.K. Simmons’s Commissioner Gordon. The trailer is packed with mostly good jokes so Snyder seems to have accepted the criticism on BvS. What still worries me, although it also has been criticised in BvS, is the amount of character work we get in this movie: We see Ray Fisher playing high school football, we see Barry visiting his dad in jail, we see Meera, who has something to do with Aquaman, we see Lois Lane. Another point of criticism he hasn’t learned from is the dark gritty look; throughout the entire trailer, we have this desaturated, gray look of the surroundings. This is the last chance I will give Zack Synder because I liked Man of Steel and because I believe part of the reason that BvS failed is because it had to be 3 movies merged into one. At least, DC tries to mix it up more than Marvel. But if this bombs, the DCEU is doomed.


Although I am a big Spider-Man fan, I have to admit that I’m pretty disappointed by this trailer. This is the Batman v Superman of 2017 in terms of spoiling the whole movie. It would have been enough to show Spidey trying to hold a ship together but no, they have to show Iron Man saving the day. So Spidey will lose his suit (which is amazingly high-tech, btw) and has to take on the Vulture (in a very ironic turn, Birdman star Michael Keaton will star in this role) manually. Some of the jokes are nice, some are a little too on-the-nose. I like the high school vibe with Peter struggling in everyday life, which came a little too short in some of the previous films, particularly the Tobey Maguire ones. I’m looking forward to finding out which role Donald Glover will play (apparently and unfortunately not Miles Morales). I’m very glad that there won’t be yet another Uncle Ben moment because that would have instantly turned the audience off. I’m also interested who they will go with as a love interest as they haven’t revealed Zendaya’s role name yet in trailers. Tom Holland still does a great job and I’m still looking forward to it even though I would have preferred to be able to be surprised every once in a while.



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