Southwestward (Attack on Titan #28)

Surprisingly, there is neither blood nor any survivors in Conny’s village even though all that’s left is rubble. They deduce that everyone must have been able to escape, or so they think. As they are about to leave, the titan lying on Conny’s parents’ house says “Welcome Home“ to Conny. He is flabbergasted but Reiner urges him to leave and stop clinging to finding his parents.

aot 28
Copyright: Hajime Isayama/Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

As there is something strange about the invasion of the titans at a defense line, which were disposed of in a cool action sequence, they ride along the wall to find the breach. In a very tense atmosphere, they ride through the dark, not knowing whether there are titans nearby. Suddenly, they meet the other group searching the wall from the other side. None of them have found a hole in the wall, which is super weird and scary. I suspect, given the intelligence of the Beast Titan, that they are somehow able to remain unnoticed within the walls. I don’t know where they could hide but I don’t see any other explanation.

The other group consisting of Ymir, Christa and some others has been shown in some personal conversations and flashbacks previously to that encounter. Ymir asks for permission to leave as they don’t have their gear on them but she is declined. Christa asks her why Ymir is in this squad with her when she didn’t want to join this squad and had the potential to have a much higher rank. It is suggested that Ymir is secretly in love with Christa and wants to protect her but wouldn’t admit that. I’m interesting why this is suddenly featured so prominently.

Meanwhile, Hange has probably confirmed Armin’s theory that the walls are made of titans. She proposes Eren seal the hole by transforming into a titan. Eren is insecure about whether his abilities suffice to accomplish that but badass Levi not very sympathetically reminds him that they have no other choice. That dude is cold as ice but apparently seems to be able to estimate others’ psyche pretty well as Eren seems convinced now and Levi also irritated the priest by showing him the mass of refugees. The latter is clearly shocked but cannot give away the secret of the order. But at least he gives away someone who can, which is Christa. What does this mean? Is she the mole they suspected among the new recruits? What does Christa know about the titans and the walls? And what will Eren find out from his father’s basement? However, all reactions are inhibited because Sasha arrives to deliver a message to Hange.

At Utgard castle, where the scouts are resting, we can suddenly make out titans moving in the dark, something that was deemed impossible up until now. They spot the Beast Titan easily climbing Wall Rose while the other titans seem to be a diversion. His extent of control of the titans is truly unnerving and it will remain a gripping mystery how all of this is possible. The captains put on their ODM gear and get ready to fight a harsh battle while the new recruits are forced to stay on the tower and hope to not die.

The next episode will feature this terrifying and gripping confrontation and will probably have some of the trademark AoT action I love to watch so much.

All images (incl. title image): © by Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / “ATTACK ON TITAN” Production Committee, taken from IMDb


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