Kaniel Outis (Prison Break 5×2)

After we barely saw Michael in the premiere, we get more than a glimpse of the eponymous character this time. He tries to get out with his cellie, Sid, but the latter didn’t get his one job done (making sure the lights go out). Sid tells us that it was supposed to be one week and that Poseidon probably left them there. Who is this Poseidon and how will he help them get out?

On first sight, this felt weirdly unprepared and improvised but after I thought about it, Michael has always benefitted from a fortunate conjunction of circumstances and we later even learn he has just come out of solitary for a failed escape attempt. But, we know Michael and he sets plan B in motion, which is contacting Lincoln via a boy.

Lincoln and C-Note get the message to “find the Sheik of Light“ and ask Sheba for help. She clearly objects to helping Kaniel Outis but Lincoln offers her money to escape the country. I have a feeling they will need a few more favors before Sheba will flee from the Yemen. They find a hidden address on the message but that guy went deep into ISIL territory to look for his daughter, who was kidnapped by ISIL. Lincoln forces Sheba to join them in their perilous journey into ISIL territory and convinces the guard at the border to let them through (where does he have all that money from?). After an uncomfortable encounter with ISIL soldier Cyclops, who clearly has the hots for Sheba (that has to come back somehow), they find the guy who was supposed to turn off the lights. Turns out his son is in prison because of his homosexuality and he happens to be Michael’s cellmate. Lincoln singlehandedly liberates the kidnappes girls and they barely escape the territory unscathed after a wild chase because the guard Lincoln bribed orders to not shoot at their vehicle but at the ISIL vehicles behind it instead. Sheba is kinda impressed and the Internet goes riot with shipping these two. I’m not sure if I need to see that because I think from an intercultural perspective, this may be a legit representation of strong Arabic woman. Why does she need to be a love interest? Also, have we ever cared that much about Lincoln’s girlfriend from Panama? Bold projection: I think it won’t add too much to the characters but will somehow be plot relevant and either enable or disrupt their escape.

Meanwhile, Sara is sent the video of Michael by Lincoln and breaks down emotionally. After a pretty sincere conversation with Jacob, we know why she is so affected by this. Not only is her presumed-dead husband not dead but he also seems to have instigated all this himself and kept Sara in the dark. Jacob’s remarks on game theory and gaining everyone’s trust to use them at the right time create doubs in Sara that she was just a pawn in Michael’s plan. I mean, come on, I get that but wouldn’t he have gotten rid of her way earlier then. We all know that family is of the utmost importance to Michael so there will be a solid explanation, I guess. Anyway, towards the end of the episode, MJ gets an origami message from a pizza delivery guy, saying “Hide everyone. A storm is coming“. That means that Sara and MJ are in serious trouble and that the assassination attempt wasn’t the last one. I’m not sure about Jacob because he seemed too chill about being shot at and also has some good knowledge of game theory and manipulating others for their own benefit.

pb 5x2
Copyright: FOX (Photo by Ed Aqaquel)

Sara goes to the feds to inquire about Michael Scofield and look who’s there – Kellerman. Sara is about to turn on her heel and leave because she doesn’t trust the guy who almost killed her had it not been for an iron Sara had gotten hold of. That’s totally understandable but let’s not forget, he played a decisive role in bringing down the Company at the end of season 4. How he got from UN ambassador to the State Department is unclear; however, his sudden turn to care for Sara’s health with the glass of water instead of the plastic bottle is extremely shady. However, we learn that Kellerman has investigated into Michael’s case quite thoroughly because he knows about the erased identity and later sends her a video that shows Michael shooting someone. Sara understandably argues that they have done the same thing to Lincoln but Kellerman replies that the body was found with Michael’s fingerprints on him and that he fled the country.

How did Michael send the message to MJ? In a crazy chain of events, he incites a fire with a battery and gum paper, boils water to pretend he has fever, gets a pill from the prison doctor (after being beat the shit out of) and gives said pill to his cellmate Ya, who is in withdrawal. That scrapes the border towards incredibility but I’ll let that slide because it demonstrates Michael is in control. In return, he gets access to Ja’s smartphone to arrange that message delivery.

The lights flicker in the prison so the plan is on again. However, Sid is nervous about the hardcore Islamic terrorists being released from solitary, which is not a good sign for the homosexual in the prison. As these guys come out, Michael embraces(!) their leader Ramal and informs him about the imminent breakout.

I’m not too excited about Michael’s cellmates because none of them stands out personality- or ability-wise. Also this episode’s theme of not trusting Michael because no one wants to be the pawn eventually got on my nerves a bit because Michael constantly has to reassure his cellies. It fit to the game theory explanation but they overdid that a bit.

Next episode will be fun as the breakout will happen when the lights go out. Will Michael be able to control Ramal or will his religious convictions interfere with Michael’s plan?

Another note: I noticed the theme of Greek mythology throughout all code names (we already had that with Scylla): There’s Outis, which was Ulysses’s nickname and the name he used to trick the Cyclops, who always appears this episode, albeit in an unrelated way for now. Then there’s Poseidon, who is the father of the Cyclops Ulysses tricked, and whom the Cyclops asks to cause a troublesome journey for Ulysses as revenge. How will this come into play? It sounded to me like Poseidon, the mysterious guy in the background, is on Michael’s side, though, which could mean that the writers’ clever choice of nicknames isn’t all that clever after all. I’ll keep an eye on that.

© by FOX (Photos by Ed Aqaquel), taken from IMDb


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