The Liar (Prison Break 5×3)

It’s both surprising and obvious that Michael’s escape attempt fails. It doesn’t feel like the old mastermind Michael, then again this is a serious prison and Michael got screwed by the people who sent him in there. He discloses quite some info how he got to that point. He and his right hand man Whip escaped from several prisons between season 4 and 5 and were sent into Ogygia to free Ramal. However, as we already learned in the previous episode, their first attempt failed and Michael had to spend 4 (!) years in solitary confinement, which has Whip wonder whether Michael became Kaniel Outis in those 4 years. However, fast forward to the end of this episode, he never has been: In his desperation after being put back into solitary, he tapes a message for Sara explaining he did all that for her and that he doesn’t want to be buried as Kaniel Outis because that’s not who he is or was. So we still don’t know what Michael’s intent with that was but we are now absolutely certain that he is still Michael and that he is in trouble. Not only is Ramal pissed because Michael screwed him over before his breakout attempt, Poseidon also apparently is no ally of Michael’s (anymore?), as we learn from Sara eavesdropping on the two assassins. By the way, Sara tricking these two was pretty amazing and shows what a resourceful character she can be.

In the meantime, she is scared the bejesus out of in the women’s bathroom by T-Bag creeping up on her. He means no harm but she’s not convinced by that initially. But after being chased by those 2 assassins after her phone was hacked, she teams up with T-Bag, whom she orders to go after Kellerman because this sleazy d-bag sneakily got Sara’s fingerprints with his ridiculous insistance on the glass of water, which were used to unlock her phone. That means Sara’s distrust towards Kellerman was justified. Also, Jacob talking to Sara while her phone was hacked was directed as if he was stalling her while his potential partners hack her phone. Jacob is extremely suspicious in being a too perfect guy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was T-Bag who uncovers Jacob’s true intentions.

Linc and C-Note are contacted by Michael, aka Bubblegum Man, to wait at the probable extraction point. Linc and Sheba are to get new passports from the shady guy who demanded Linc’s in the first episode (after Sheba had to be convinced again by Linc’s money and generosity) while C-Note accompanies the Sheikh of Light. Unfortunately, Linc and Sheba walk into a trap and creepy Cyclops wants to rape Sheba.

pb 5x3b
Copyright: FOX, Photo by Ed Aqaquel

We learn that he has had warm feelings for her since school, where she had injured his eye (therefore Cyclops) in the course of defending herself against his aggressive advances. Sheba threatens to scratch out his other eye, which makes Cyclops even more aggressive. Lincoln, after regaining consciousness from being knocked out, smashes in the door and saves Sheba. This was a pretty intense scene and by now it is clear that all the people shipping Sheba and Linc were correct.

Back to the actual prison break: Whip is talked into doubting Michael’s allegiance to him because of hugging Ramal and because of his long stay in solitary. After defying Ramal, who is hanging Sid, and thereby saving Sid, the guards interfere and won’t allow any killing. This leads Ramal to believe he can just take his whole gang with him on the escape and Whip’s doubts lead Michael to prove his team spirit. He punches Whip, which is obviously a diversion for something else. That something else is stealing the guard’s watch and planting it on Ramal, whose escape would have been prevented by the guard finding out. Unfortunately, the blackout disabled the gates to their cells and they interrupt the escape in Michael’s cell. They get hold of Sid and grab him down from the vent while the others aren’t able to escape because the guards are alarmed. Michael and Ramal are back into solitary, from where there seems to way out. I have no idea how they will get Michael out. Either C-Note or someone else has to pull some major strings or that’s how Sucre or Lincoln’s infinite wallet will bribe someone. Anyhow, time is running up as the rebels take over the city. I don’t believe Sucre, whose return is still looming over this season, will play a role in getting Michael out (he wouldn’t go into the prison to help him, I think) but rather in getting all away from there. At the moment I’m more interested in Poseidon and what is up with him. I’m looking forward to some T-Bag investigations.

© by FOX, Photos by Ed Aqaquel, taken from IMDb


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