Trailer Roundup April 2017


I’m a bit skeptical on that one because of the story the vague hints at which didn’t blow me away. I’m confident they will have equally inspired action sequences as the surprise hit that was the first movie. Concerning the casting decisions, I’m split. Channing Tatum looks interesting and Julianne Moore can be good (even if she doesn’t quite fit the Kingsman vibe for me) but Halle Berry is a very weird decision to me. I’m hoping that this will include some self-referentiality. Also not quite digging Colin Firth’s surprise(?) return. He may have been a serious badass in the first movie but can’t comic book adaptations not resurrect dead characters. I feel like surprise resurrections are becoming a trend in pop culture at the moment.

Usually, I’m not that into costume dramas but Alicia Vikander having a secret love affair (and apparently not too few sex scenes) and Christoph Waltz in a rather unusual role had me intrigued.

Jai freakin Courtney in a serious costume drama. You gotta be kidding me. This looks HORRIBLE.

This has an extremely weird premise. I’m sure Bryan Cranston is good in it but I’m not that sure that I would like to see this story, even if its outcome does interest me.

Dafuq is that? 😀 This movie gathers an all-star comedy cast to have a raunchy comedy set in a monastery. I had to chuckle several times so this unprecedented combination might be worth looking out for.

Taika Waititi is a promising director and I loved his video with Thor in Australia but somehow this trailer doesn’t do much for me. The confrontation on Planet Hulk will probably be a highlight scene, even though I feel weird seeing Jeff Goldblum in a Marvel movie. There were rumors that Dr. Strange will appear and there are hints that the last Infinity Stone is in Heimdall’s hands (orange eyes …) so I’m curious about the story and even more curious about the tone.

I knew nothing about these riots but this could be an intense siege movie with a lot of racial tensions. John Boyega has an interesting choice of roles. Also Cathryn Bigelow promises oscar buzz with her procedural dramas.

This looks pretty funny and feel-good to me. So those kinds of films are the ones I like to see Netflix doing.

If this Tupac biopic is nearly as well-made as Straight Outta Compton, I’m game. The Suge Knight actor may even be the same one.

I like the dynamic between Sam Jackson, who is very self-ironic, and Ryan Reynolds, who I’m not the biggest fan of. This is borderline trash (Sam Jackson’s falling scene looks awful) but it could potentially have its funny moments.

Not as great as the first episode 7 teaser but that was impossible to replicate after the long years of yearning for another good Star Wars movie. We see Luke training Rey and talking about the time of the Jedi being about to end. I’m interested what this means. Luke seemed generally a bit reluctant, we’ll probably see why in what I deem to be a flashback to the Knights of Ren incident that broke Luke. I loved every scene with spaceships battling. I have very high expectations because I would like my questions about Kylo Ren and Commander Snoak to be at least partly answered.


Not glad they had to change the actor for Capheus as I liked the guy from season 1. Apart from that, I’m digging the feeling of togetherness between the sensates but I don’t remember all that much about season 1.

I’m convinced that this will have clever observations and funny moments again but I’m still not convinced by the Italy thing. This final decision was the weakest part of season 1 for me.

Another entry in the Stephen-King-adaptation craze, you could also say in the 80s/90s remake/reboot trend. This does look pretty intense and although I’ve never seen the TV movie adaptation, I feel that I prefer this thematically to Carpenter’s The Fog

Hm, not sure if I need another Marvel show but I have to admit the trailer’s not that bad. I liked the little Roxxon Corp easter egg even though I doubt this will be tied in heavily to the other shows.

Who is supposed to watch all of these Netflix shows? This doesn’t look bad but I don’t feel it offers anything new so nope, in this day and age, there is no place for average shows.

Wow, Sky also seems to produce their own TV shows now that everyone’s doing it. The Jamestown setting of the first colonists always is not uninteresting and to see the first women arrive and react to the patriarchy might be quite appealing. I’ll keep an eye out for reviews on that one.

This looks like a very modern and self-aware take on racial tensions and the campus setting adds an interesting layer. I might take a look.

Honorable mentions (shows I haven’t seen or I’m not up to date yet): Bloodline Season 3, Orphan Black S5, Orange is the New Black S5, Twin Peaks S3, Fargo S3, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3, Bates Motel (Final Season), F is for Family S2, Star Wars Rebels S4, Preacher S2

What an amazing trailer. This brings all we love in HoC: An arrogant, megalomaniacal Frank Underwood, some very sneaky stuff (Claire in Oval Office, what seems to be a corpse lying on the floor), Conway freaking out. Claire seems to be totally in with Frank’s game again and fulfills her role of acting for the public as we can see in a funeral service in a church (Who will that be for if both presidential candidates have to attend?). Ultimately, the real-life thrill of elections is enriched even more by Frank’s manipulations. Season 4 regained my faith in the show and I’m incredibly excited. I really liked the twist on the Pledge of Allegiance and the line that had the Internet wet their pants was the one with Frank’s intended terms in office. At first, I thought he intended to set up Claire after his own two terms but he probably just wants to nullify the 22nd amendment.


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