Historia (Attack on Titan #30)

I like the characters in this show. They have interesting motivations and dilemmas and this praise can also be applied to the flashback from this episode. On their training mission, Ymir and Christa get separated from the group because they want to help the injured Daz. Ymir mocks Christa for putting her own life on the line to save his but somehow doesn’t leave. She lets Christa know that they share a tough childhood due to them both being unwanted children. After a little quarrel about whether to save Daz, Ymir pushes Christa away. While the latter is temporarily buried with snow, Ymir jumps down an awfully high cliff with Daz after she has transformed into a titan. As they arrive later at their camp, Christa wonders how Ymir was able to do that. Ymir asks Christa to change her name to her original one when she will reveal her secret.

aot 30b
Copyright: Hajime Isayama /Kodansha / ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

Back at Utgard Tower, Ymir successfully fights off several titans. The cadet corps is baffled and Reiner and Bertholdt remember Ymir’s titan form from an incident where a friend of theirs was eaten by her, thus questioning her allegiance (the audience is, too). However, she keeps killing titans and protecting the unarmed squad and is soon outnumbered. Christa realizes that Ymir is holding back to not destroy the tower and thereby her friends and shouts at her to not be stupid, mirroring Ymir’s words from the flashback. Ymir ups her game and manages to save her friends as the tower collapses after she uses bricks to beat the titans. Unfortunately, there are even more titans who eventually beat Ymir. Christa runs to her and would have been killed by a titan were it not for Mikasa, whose squad has finally arrived at Utgard and defeats the titan swarm. Christa tells Ymir her real name – Historia – before the latter faints after she has lost a leg and an arm.

Overall, an outstanding episode with much emotional weight, surprise moments and awesome action scenes, supported by the amazing soundtrack. The episodes keep getting better and better but I feel there might be a brief calm coming before we deal with the Beast titan.

All images (incl. title image): © Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / “ATTACK ON TITAN” Production Committee, taken from IMDb


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