The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Prison Break 5×4)

Before we go into Ogygia, let’s recap the only side-plot. T-Bag talks to Kellerman, who I was pretty sure to have dirt on him. However, he taught me better and revealed that he neither is Poseidon nor does he know who he actually is. Just as Kellerman is about to reveal more about his knowledge to Bagwell, he is shot by the two hitmen who tried to kill Sara, confirming that Kellerman indeed wasn’t involved in all this. (Now that we know that for sure, it makes sense to not ruin his character arc by turning to the dark side again. However, the question remains who got Sara’s fingerprint to hack her phone) I loved T-Bag’s look at his gun when he wondered if he accidentally shot Kellerman. T-Bag manages to escape and stalks the hitmen to their meeting with a potential superior, who is revealed to be freakin Jacob. Many people on the Internet weren’t surprised, given that it was fairly odd Jacob wasn’t straightup shot in the home invasion and his way too chill attitude about all this.

Meanwhile in Yemen, Michael and the others are able to escape solitary, just in time to not be killed by that crazy inmate (Cross) who genuinely hates Michael (and secretly regrets not joining Michael’s escape plan). For that, Abu Ramal and Michael had to collaborate with Michael making a questionable decision to trust Abu Ramal, which he almost came to regret towards the end of the episode were it not for Lincoln’s very timely arrival. Lincoln had managed to get into the prison that was abandoned by the guards due to ISIL’s imminent conquest of the town, only to realize Michael has already escaped. After Sid has saved their ass from Cross in prison, Michael and Ja have a fight about his inresponsible addict behavior, that serves as a ruse to get Ja to the meeting points where weapons are waiting (because Michael knew Ramal was crossing them). However, Ramal out-tricked Michael and they are about to become a part of a propaganda execution video but Lincoln saves the day with the minigun of Ramal’s minions’ car. Whip reveals his crazy knife/fighting skills and kills Ramal to save Michael. It is also Whip who asks a lot of questions about who Linc is and why he called Kaniel Michael. You got some ‘splaining to do, Michael.

Overall a very entertaining episode even if the escape was perhaps the least exciting one in the series’ history. I feel we don’t have to worry too much about our main characters (yet) but the ISIL threat as well as Poseidon’s reputation are promising that this might change. Obviously, they won’t be able to simply escape the Yemen as there are 5 episodes left. Currently, I’m most excited about how things will develop between Sara, Bagwell and Jacob.

title image: © Fox, taken from IMDb


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