Contingency (Prison Break 5×5)

After a pretty solid first half of the season, this episode dealing with the attempt to escape the claws of ISIL and somehow doesn’t feel like satisfactory television. Michael and Lincoln argue all the time about how to proceed best, which got on my nerves. Furthermore, this episode somehow lacked a true highlight, given that the conclusion for Jacob’s true motives has been postponed, as has the escape. The explanation for Michael being alive isn’t all that great either.

I wouldn’t have thought Sara to confront Jacob directly with her knowledge. His reason for meeting with them still isn’t clear to me but he seemingly had his tech buddy track them and the police arrest them. After Sara and her best friend confirmed Jacob wasn’t lying about his tech buddy and she has to identify the hitmen in a police lineup, it has sown doubts but of course, this is still totally rigged. Sara’s best friend, who is trying to persuade her that she is paranoid, is definitely in with Jacob. However, he is scarily powerful if he can stage a lineup at a police station (for someone like Poseidon, this shouldn’t be a problem). What does he need Sara’s trust for so badly? Is it to get to Michael? Will Sara believe this pretty convincing act? Or am I totally on the wrong track and Jacob is innocent? Anyhow, we got an answer as to who got Sara’s fingerprints to hack her phone: It was that mysterious Asian dude, who works in Kellerman’s office.

Before Lincoln follows Michael one step further, he (understandably) needs to know what the heck is going on, why Michael is alive and how he ended up in a prison in the Yemen. Michael tells Linc and the audience that Poseidon contacted him before he had married Sara. Michael refused but Poseidon had Sara arrested and put into prison, leaving family man Michael no other choice than to fake his death and accept his fate. Hm – the explanation works logistically with the season 4 story (and the revival wasn’t uber surprising as we’ve never seen Michael’s death) but doesn’t blow me away, especially after the writers claimed to have a really good one. Admittedly, we don’t know all the details yet but if Poseidon’s scheme and identity turn out to be disappointing or uninteresting, this season will have a weird aftertaste.

Michael is convinced that they should try to escape via train whereas Lincoln tries to persuade them to trust in C-Note, who is at the airport, to arrange a way out. By now, the town is crowded with ISIL soldiers, making it pretty difficult to move along unnoticed. In a pretty entertaining scene, Michael and the others try to camouflage as ISIL workers before they have to run and make use of an approaching train to separate them from their pursuers. They hide in a hospital where Ja, who seems to be on the edge because of withdrawal, proves he’s a bad-ass by drinking rubbing alcohol and using said alcohol to create a trap for the approaching ISIL soldiers. The five manage to escape and contact C-Note, who finds a pilot and a plan, but Cyclops crosses their paths as he got hold of Michael’s map and shoots Sid. After a pretty lame fight, Cyclops ends up handcuffed to Sid’s body but managed to call his ISIL brothers to let them know about the airport. The pilot takes off despite C-Note’s objections to save the passengers among whom are kids. Lincoln is okay with that because Lincoln is a good guy and never worries about his own skin. The episode ends with them at the fence, with ISIL soldiers closing in, which is a cool reminiscence to the failed plane escape at the end of season 1.

I hope the whole escaping ISIL thing won’t become too repetitive. I’m pretty certain that my prediction about Sucre’s involvement will be true. I’m wondering what will become of that whole Jacob thing.


title image © FOX, taken from IMDb


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