Phaecia (Prison Break 5×6)

On Sheba’s advice, Linc and the others contact Omar, who promises to take them to a neutral zone not controlled by ISIL but not before trying to sell them out. They drive out of the city and have to fill their tanks. Michael contacts his mysterious contact “Blue Hawaii”, who takes a screenshot of Michael’s eye tattoos on his hands. Van Gogh, who was able to locate Outis/Scofield due to A&W using a favor with an NSA friend and their drones, calls ISIL so that they eliminate him. Fortunately, Whip has pretty good aiming and blows up the ISIL group after they had shot Omar. Unfortunately, Cyclops is incredibly keen on killing Michael and traces them through the desert until they run out of gas. As Michael sees through his plan, he needs to improvise and decides on a plan which has someone be left behind (temporarily) and deal with Cyclops, while the others drive to Phaecia. Of course, Michael turns it so that it is him as he can’t bear anyone else to put their lives on the line (which wasn’t a surprise because in addition to Michael’s character, the opening credits sequence includes Michael struggling to get through the desert). With a pretty classic rock-on-the-gas-pedal trick, Michael is able to stab Cyclops but is injured by a knife covered in defreeze liquid and is poisoned. Barely able to walk, he strolls through the desert and tries to find Phaecia before he passes out.

Meanwhile, Linc and the others have arrived in Phaecia and are welcomed very warmly by the children. Linc gives them the fireworks and the other stuff Omar was to bring them and lies about him being dead. Ja is apparently digging the peacefulness and borderlessness of this place and it wouldn’t surprise me if he stays here. But before that, he needs to prove his place in Michael’s group and he did. As they didn’t know where to drive, he noticed the seagulls leading them to the coast. Moreover, he had the idea to use the fireworks to signal Michael where to go during the night. And it works – after the show actually managed to have me worry a bit about Michael, he returns and tells them he’s poisoned. How will they deal with that? How are they gonna get a doctor? As I have been pointing out from episode 1, Sucre will help them get away with his cargo boat.

A few asides:

– Who is that weird Elvis guy Michael trusts and why are Michael’s tattoos so important?

– A&W’s NSA ex-girlfriend wasn’t too happy about Outis’s location leaking to ISIL so they might get in trouble for this unauthorized action (unless Poseidon pulls some serious strings)

– Phaecia was the last stop on Ulysses’s Odyssey before his return to Ithaca (where Sarah and Jacob live), so that’s a nice touch to the title

title image © by Fox, taken from IMDb


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