Wine Dark Sea (Prison Break 5×7)

Yes, finally Prison Break picks up speed again and approximates its old quality. Linc calls Sara to tell her about Michael’s state. As she is a universal donor and Michael has a very rare blood type, she just flies off to Crete, where Michael, Linc and Whip are taken by a fisherman, with Ja staying behind as he obviously enjoys this place. Jacob tries to dissuade Sara, almost causing an unforgivable break of trust (he obviously knows he’s inferior to Michael). She arrives in Crete and we have the touching reunion scene we’ve all been waiting for, bringing back the stellar acting that makes Prison Break so effective with its emotional moments. While Michael tells her the whole truth, we learn that Jacob is Poseidon (as many suspected, including me; I mean, this half-hearted attempt to put us off Jacob’s trail wasn’t particularly convincing). This not that surprising revelation is nicely intercut with Jacob erasing his trails by killing the Asian agent I once suspected to be Poseidon, who confronted Jacob’s hitmen about their unsanctioned action against Outis. I liked that their actions have consequences and the seed of doubt planted by Kellerman in Van Gogh is beginning to grow, maybe leading to the realization that their mission is not motivated by patriotic intentions.

That means we have to worry about MJ (who is indeed grabbed by a stranger, which apparently has no consequence). Sara also will have to pretend to not know about Jacob, which will be harder when you think about Jacob being able to reconstruct her movements. Michael apparently has a plan to bring Poseidon down after he betrayed Michael by killing a top-level CIA guy. Michael now knows that Jacob is really after Sara (seriously, that’s his motivation??!) and I’m sure he ain’t likin’ it.

Linc and Whip have a nice talk about family and become bros (after we saw Whip really emotional, begging Michael not to die, which did a good job adding to his character). Finally, Linc remembers that Sucre is aboard a cargo ship and calls him to pick them up. Sara offers her crazily expensive ring to pay for the voyage, which later catches Jacob’s suspicion-induced attention but also gives the long-awaited return of a beloved character and a heart-warming reunion.

After Jacob sent out Outis’s photo to all maritime channels, making the grumpy captain sell out Michael, a SEAL team boards the ship. They only escape their clutches due to Sucre and Michael’s quick thinking and a very cool trick. Sucre talking shit to his interrogators, framing the captain and taking over the controls of the ship, resulting in Jacob losing his patience and commanding a freaking missile strike (who did he get this favor from??). Michael, Whip, Lincoln and Sucre jump into the water before the missile hits. Sara tries to get MJ to safety with her friend Heather’s help and confronts Jacob, who threatens MJ’s life, causing to Sara to stand down.

I’m very curious how this all will be resolved. So next episode, Michael and the others will get to America and the last episode will be the final confrontation between Michael and Jacob. There are theories Kellerman is still alive because we didn’t see the final bullet, and T-Bag hasn’t done all that much yet.



  • So Jacob founded 21 Void to cause chaos in the world and then after 4 years, he decided to take Sara as a wife and get rid of Michael ?
  • Who grabbed MJ when he was in the bushes and why was MJ still at his house at the end of the episode? Did T-Bag convey a secret message to that smart kid from Michael? Has this anything to do with the Elvis guy?? 😀
  • I feel Sucre’s weird side business has to have some significance to the main plot or it wouldn’t be featured that prominently.

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