Close Combat (Attack on Titan #32)

Attack on Titan doesn’t cease to amaze me. Still another great episode, featuring an epic fight with high stakes, considering that the Armored and Colossal Titan are superior to Eren’s titan form.

However, Eren keeps trying and always stands up after being beaten down, because he is livid about Reiner and Bertholdt’s inexcusable betrayal. Meanwhile, the Colossal Titan attacks the wall with the scouts on it. The scouts with gear on them skilfully maneuver around his punches and before they are able to hit him, the Colossal titan begins to emit steam, disabling their ODM gear but also making him unable to move.

Mikasa, with her constant worry for Eren, desperately tries to attack the Armored Titan but unfortunately his eponymous armor is impenetrable by her blades. After Titan Eren is punched repeatedly, we get to see a flashback to a training lesson in true fighting movie manner: Eren remembers a throw Annie taught him after she beat the physically superior Eren in a training fight and manages to throw the Armored Titan onto the ground and get him into a grappling hold, causing the armor to splinter. After a good analogy to ancient knight armors by Hange, Mikasa attacks the unprotected parts at the joints, thus impeding his mobility. The Armored Titan begins to scream and while the others suspect he called other titans to help, the Colossal Titan changes his strategy and begins falling onto the wall and hence is about to fall onto Eren and Reiner at the foot of the wall. Cliffhanger.

It will be great to see how they will handle this intense situation. Stakes are kept very high by the show, resulting in a perpetually existent sense of urgency. I feel I can confidently predict that there will not be a single boring episode in this season anymore. I mean, we still have to get to the Beast Titan somehow.

title image: © by Hajime Isayama/Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee, taken from IMDb


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