Progeny (Prison Break 5×8)

This season clearly sped up and almost crammed too much into this episode before the grand finale. However, most of what happens has a nice thematic connection to the episode title. Not only does Michael try to rescue his son, there is also Luca Abruzzi, trying to get Linc to pay his debts, as well as an almost mindblowing reveal concerning T-Bag, finally explaining his role in the greater scheme of Michael’s plan.So our escapees have survived the missile blast on the ship and have to get to the US unnoticed. Hence, Linc calls the guy he owes 100 grand, who turns out to be John Abruzzi’s son Luca, and promises him his money in exchange for safe and secret passage. However, Linc never planned on settling his debt but they install C-Note and Sheba, disguised as DEA agents, during their confrontation with Luca. Initially, this ruse seems to have worked but the gangster return to the storage hall and find their products untouched, pissing Luca off and causing him to go after Sheba and Linc. Now they can go after Jacob, except for C-Note, who after the very brief reunion with Michael has to bid farewell to Michael, Linc and Sheba, who is still in for Jacob doesn’t know her. Sucre has been used as a distraction for Van Gogh and A&W as they follow Michael’s phone signal. Van Gogh clearly is affected by Kellerman’s dying advice and presses Jacob on the reason they are chasing Outis, forcing Jacob to partially come clean. And it still looks like Jacob was really digging Sara and claimed her as a little extra punch against Michael.

After Michael has seen through Jacob’s taking over of Sara’s phone, he calls Jacob to arrange a meetup with several double crosses until Michael is able to detect Jacob and has Linc follow his car. But Jacob is no amateur and notices the car, drawing a gun at a traffic light, seemingly scaring an innocent Arabian woman (Sheba). Linc has cleverly hidden crouched out of sight. This whole sequence was a typical Michael Scofield well-thought-out, prepared-for-possible-eventualities plan sequence that made the original series so great, even in the arguably less superior season 4. Linc says goodbye to Sheba with the long-awaited kiss and this moment actually worked pretty well emotionally.

Michael and Linc find a picture apparently drawn by MJ and Michael desperately wants it to be a secret map because he believes that his outstanding intelligence has been passed on to his progeny. Unfortunately, Jacob abuses Michael’s only weakness to lure him into a trap, which is successful despite Linc’s warnings. Master mind Michael Scofield has been outplanned. While Michael enters Jacob’s house, Linc is surprised by Luca, whose gang drive-by shoots Linc’s car. The episode leaves him wounded and ends with Michael being surprised by A&W, posing as Sara, and we hear a gunshot.

Meanwhile, Whip is sent to Chicago to find out why Michael recruited him. He is to row to the middle of Lake Michigan and finds a jar of blood. As he returns to shore, he meets T-Bag, who has received life-changing info from Michael in exchange for taking a life. T-Bag had recorded a farewell message in case his mission went south and comes well-prepared to the meeting with Whip, revealing to him that he is his son and got his survival artistry skills from his father, who also thrives in dire situations. I hadn’t really expected that but it was a nice tie-in of the new Whip character and the much appreciated old face that is T-Bag. The question whom T-Bag has to kill remains and I doubt that the final cliffhanger will be resolved with this pending favor. I’d rather see Van Gogh leaving the dark side and escaping Jacob’s prison of pressure. That would still leave T-Bag having to take a life, possibly Jacob’s or however’s watching Sara… After this nicely paced episode, I’m pretty pumped for the season finale and the resolution of all story threads as a new season is rather unlikely currently.

title image © by FOX, taken from IMDb


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