Trailer Roundup May 2017

Pretty solid month for trailers, overshadowed by the much expected GoT trailer:

That looks like a great and refreshing sci-fi-movie with video game aesthetics and dynamics. Dan Stevens is an upcoming star and has a good selection of roles. I’m intrigued.

Haven’t read the books, just to get that out of the way. But it doesn’t look groundbreaking, which is what the reputation made me expect. The fans aren’t happy so it will be hard to judge from the reviews whether you want to see that or not.

I’m not quite sure how good or great this will be.  My favorite director has done another film that assembles a stellar cast, has great and expensive set design and looks narratively challenging. I’m not the biggest war movie fan but I’ll definitely watch it. I’m curious about the three perspectives and how they work together.

One of these films with a high concept that is somehow supernatural, like Source Code or The Adjustment Bureau. This can always go either direction but they always are refreshing. But Michael Huisman and Terese Palmer are solid actors and have a somewhat good track record, I believe.

Wow. Sam Worthington in a serious, gritty, seemingly good role? I have written him off but he hasn’t, apparently 😀 This looks suspenseful, gritty, probably won’t reinvent the wheel but I’m interested. (I know that girl from The Giver, apparently, but I have no idea if she was good in that or not.)

At first I thought: Wait, wtf is this? But it’s actually quite funny, the premise is promising, as is the involvement of Simon Pegg.

YES. Denis Villeneuve is one of the hottest directors in town right now. This thing looks compelling visually and storywise. Absolutely excited.

Haven’t seen the first two. This looks mildly funny but has the usual comeback-after-fall sports movie formula, which can always work, though.

This might have some good meta commentary and it all boils down to whether the movie is funny or annoyingly dumb. I’m not the biggest fan of Reynolds but he can be hilarious. Sam Jackson is usually good, even in the pretty bad movies he likes to earn his cash with.

Not sure on that one. This could be a horrible soap opera-like movie but there are some interesting people involved, e.g. Michael Sheen. I still like Reese Witherspoon even though she made some horrible movies, even after her return to form with Wild.

Dude, I did not recognize Robert Pattinson. Another interesting A24 production, this studio is on fire right now. Might be worth checking out.

I always scoffed at the idea but this actually has some funny moments of meta humor. I liked James Corden as High Five. T.J. Miller’s voice is the epitome of Meh so this might actually work. The writers and director are pretty much unknowns so this could go in either direction.

This looks … weird? Amidst all the discussion about Netflix movies at Cannes, I lost track of the actual opinions on the movie. Bong Joon-Ho is an interesting director (although I’ve only seen Snowpiercer) and the cast isn’t bad either.

We see more of the friendly neighborhood spider, which is funny. We also see Donald Glover talking to Peter, so what does that mean? I thought he’ll be a bad guy. My interest has increased again, I hope for a lot of humor and some action scenes we haven’t seen yet.

Ever since Sundance, I’ve been waiting for this trailer. I like Elizabeth Olsen a lot and Jeremy Renner can be good in the right movies (especially The Town). I hope this will have an interesting story, otherwise it’s a rather generic whodunnit in an isolated town.

The director of Short Term 12 reunites with its breakout star Brie Larson. This looks a bit too close to Captain Fantastic but any less interesting. It’s weird to see Max Greenfield in a serious role. I predict oscar nominations for Harrelson and probably also Larson and I will keep an eye on that one.

Marion Cotillard will probably make this heavy subject matter worth watching but it’s films like these that cost me a great deal of self-persuasion to watch them.

Probably will be a heartwarming feel-good-movie but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch because jeez, it’s rather uncomfortable to watch that kid.

After my ambivalent feelings towards the first trailer, this one dropped as did my jaw. Visually astounding. Only problem might be Besson and the storytelling. I’m not a fan of Fifth Element, haven’t seen Leon the Professional (arguably his only great film from what I understand) and I’m still angry about Lucy. However, the comic it’s based on seems to be very influential.

Steven Soderbergh and heist movies. If this even comes anywhere close to Ocean’s Eleven, this might be an entertaining flick. I like the style, the pairing of Tatum and Driver and I love Daniel Craig as crazy criminal. He has some hilarious moments in the trailer and I’m certain he’ll be the best thing about the movie.

Not particularly interested even though I’m a huge Emma Stone fan. The story looks rather boring and the period piece aspect doesn’t appeal to me either.

a mystery thriller that doesn’t always takes itself seriously. This better be funny or it’s yet another alright Netflix movie.

I like documentaries about prospective talents. Boxing films are great. Might be a great combination.

Like the redneck atmosphere. Have absolutely no clue what this is about


There are enough breakdowns of this so I’ll focus on what I find striking. There will probably be a shitload of battles in this season, we now know there will be longer episodes, which is great. I believe Cersei won’t survive this season (I hope the valonqar prophecy will come true) (at least it doesn’t look good for Casterly Rock), I like the pairing of Asha and Ellaria Martell, I’m wondering what the Ironborn will do. I like Jon confronting Littlefinger (in front of a Lyanna Stark statue). What I love most is Daenerys’s gloriuos return to Dragonstone (btw, holy shit, Drogon got huge). I’m very interested in Melisandre at Dragonstone because we have seen the Lord of Light religion worship Dany. I’m very excited again about Arya after her completed training.

A-Mazing. Underwood’s arrogance and cold-blooded calculating mind never cease to fascinate me. We saw some interesting flashes: Hammerschmidt seems to play a bigger role, Claire sneaking into the Oval Office. And the last line an outstanding pun as appetizer: One Nation Under-wood.

I once was starting to get sick of this trend but this shows it can work quite well. I like the teasing of Come As You Are while the team assembles and isn’t quite comfortable with each other. There are some good lines and encounters but I’m not too sure yet about the Hand and what Sigourney Weaver has to do with all of this.

I like Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smoulders is also pretty likeable. I think it all comes down to the humor but this might be fun.

Art style looks nice, opening was nice nod and I think the story could have potential. Mildly excited.

Hm. FX has recently put out great stuff but this look rather generic.

This looks like a rough watch but apparently, the first season of this mini-series offered a twist that was the epitome of a gut-punch.

Looks like a very cool X-Men Series, with some amazing young talented actors.

Not digging it, it’s sad to see Alison Brie doing nothing great since Community.


Zach Braff, I was never a fan of that guy. Not interested, doesn’t look particularly funny. The thing with the podcast company could be refreshing, I guess.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about that. That’s what they called TWD‘s Sasha for?

I don’t need another costume drama. Solid cast, though.

If it hadn’t been official, it is now: The superhero wave needs to stop. It’s all too much, I hardly care anymore about new stuff even though this doesn’t look bad.

I feel like we’ve seen this already. Don’t care about it.

With the arrival at this safezone near the border, it got infinitely more interesting after the lame season 2. If this doesn’t hook me, I’m finally out.

Final season. Rachel is back in charge and Ferdinand is still creepy. I’m excited how they will conclude this series.

I can’t imagine anything more paradoxical than a CW military drama TV show.

Ultra unfunny.

Who pays for yet another crime procedural? We have to be running out of absurd premises for police consultants…

Why are networks so scared of innovation? This looks boring af. No interesting premise in the golden age of TV, who greenlights this crap? It’s not even average anymore as average has become pretty damn good.

Okay premise, not funny at all.

What the hell is it that fascinates people about medical dramas?

Seth MacFarlane’s humor is very hit-or-miss for me but some scenes do work in this. Also Jon Favreau is involved, wth, and Adrienne Palicki returns as tough woman in a love-hate-divorced-relationship after she was the best thing about Agents of SHIELD in seasons 2 and 3.

Honorable Mentions: Bloodline Season 3, Orange is the New Black Season 5, F is for Family S2, Flaked Season 2, Kimmy Schmidt S3, Twin Peaks S3, Preacher S2, Broadchurch S3




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