Prison Break

Ogygia (Prison Break, 5×1, revival season premiere)

Kaniel Outis (Prison Break 5×2)

The Liar (Prison Break 5×3)

The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Prison Break 5×4)

Contingency (Prison Break 5×5)

Phaecia (Prison Break 5×6)

Wine Dark Sea (Prison Break 5×7)

Progeny (Prison Break 5×8)

Behind the Eyes (Prison Break 5×9, season/series(?) finale)

Season 5: All things considered, I’m happy we got to see a return of the show even though it never rached the quality of the good seasons. After a rather fan-pleasing start, the show became rather dull, also due to the lack of the charismatic characters like those we had in Fox River in season 1 and an underdeveloped villain, and too reminiscent of familiar territory. But from episode 6 onwards, the season picked up speed and had some great planning of Michael unraveling and leaving the audience in awe. The two final episodes were pretty great and had a very agreeable conclusion so I’m okay if this was it.

4v5 (with a bit of fan bonus)

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