The Walking Dead

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (The Walking Dead 7×01)

The Well (The Walking Dead 7×02)

The Cell (The Walking Dead 7×03)

Service (The Walking Dead 7×04)

Go Getters (The Walking Dead 7×05)

Swear (The Walking Dead 7×06)

Sing Me A Song (The Walking Dead 7×07)

Hearts Still Beating (The Walking Dead 7×08)

Season 7a: After a very effective premiere we checked out what our individual group members have been up to, which was totally legit but unfortunately the pacing was a bit off. It might have helped to intermingle some story threads concerning the minor characters or refrain from prolonging every second episode. Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s fantastic performance got kinda boring towards the end of the half season. In total, I like the story arc as a whole and mostly enjoyed the episodes. TWD remains one of my favorite shows even though there have been better seasons. The terror coming from Negan and the Saviors was aptly transported. The frequency of discomfort throughout the season was in no equilibrium to satisfactory scenes, which makes the show less pleasant to watch.

Structurally similar to season 4b, I have to say I prefer 4b as the character development and the forming of bonds in the individual episodes (2 subgroups per episode instead of one) was more intriguing. I think another problem is that we know most of our main characters pretty well and it’s hard to give them a new interesting twist. I’m more optimistic than not that the back half will be paced better.

35v5 (probably worse for less intense fans)

Season 7b: Rock in the Road (The Walking Dead, 7×09)

New Best Friends (The Walking Dead, 7×10)

Hostiles and Calamities (The Walking Dead 7×11)

Say Yes (The Walking Dead 7×12)

Bury Me Here (The Walking Dead 7×13)

The Other Side (The Walking Dead, 7×14)

Something They Need (The Walking Dead 7×15)

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (The Walking Dead 7×16, season finale)

Season 7b:


Season 8: Mercy (The Walking Dead, Season 8 premiere)


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